Thursday, 29 October 2015

Music Matters

You know when you find a song, or an album, that you love so much that you play it on repeat for days.  Sometimes even weeks.  You know when that song gives you that tight feeling in your chest that makes you feel like you're exploding. 

When that drum fill hits you right in your heart.  When the vocalist puts their all into a final chorus so that you can feel the emotion in their voice.  When you love a song so much that you want to write the lyrics down and carry them with you forever.   Music can give you that feeling as though it's literally holding you together when you're about to break.

It's an incredible feeling.

Going to concerts is amazing.  Sometimes very scary.  But so amazing. 
Being surrounded by people who love that artists music as much as you do. 
Knowing that you're with people who get the music, so in turn they're highly likely to get you. That moment when the musician is just about to come on stage, the venue is dark and you can feel that shift in energy amongst the crowd. 

It doesn't matter that your personal space is being violated beyond belief because you're too busy dancing, dancing along to that song you normally dance too alone in your room, for once surrounded by people dancing too. 
Complete strangers look out for you; make sure you have water, give you a hand up if you fall, help you to the front if you need out of the crowd. 

Everyone in that room is looking out for each other just because they like the same music.  You're singing along to your favourite songs so loudly that you end up losing your voice.   Leaving the venue with a grin slapped on your face, your ears ringing and your head thumping.

We all have those days, weeks, months.  When life seems to be throwing everything bad at you all at once.  You feel tired.  Lost.  Worthless.  Scared.  Confused.  Isolated.  So you put in your headphones.  Press play.  Turn the volume up to it's fullest.  Close your eyes.  The music just fills you up.  You dance.  You cry.  You smile.  You're completely overwhelmed by the music that's taking over you and holding you together.  Music can help you feel a little less alone.

Music brings people together.  People who might never have otherwise met can build relationships through their love for music.  Music can bring back memories.  Music can create new memories to be treasured in years to come.  Music can be a safe haven for someone.  Music can create friendships.  It can bring a smile to someone's face.  Music can make you dance around your room and sing from the top of your lungs.   It can fill someone's life with a passion. 
Music can start a spark that turns into a fire.

Music can give you that feeling as though it's literally holding you together when you're about to break.  Music matters.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Sweater Weather Tag


Autumn.  By far my favourite season.  I know, I'm such a cliché.  
I absolutely love Autumn; cosy jumpers, hot drinks, and the most gorgeous colours in the trees.
I saw the sweater weather tag over on Molly Mac and thought I'd give it a try, although I have slightly amended it to suit myself.
Favourite candle scent? 
Yankee candle orange splash.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? 
Hot chocolate all the way!  I especially love a caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.

Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? 
I would normally say winged eyeliner because I'm actually okay at doing winged eyeliner but probably dark lips.  Although I really can't pull it off myself, I love to see it on others.

Best fragrance for fall? 
I'm still madly in love with my Zoella Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist (you can read my thoughts on this fragrance by clicking here).

What's the best Autumn memory you have? 
I recently went on a long drive with my friend Issy running various errands.  We stopped at Starbucks, had awesome car-eoke sessions, and I was wearing knitted tights, a maroon dress, and a cosy jumper - it all felt very Autumnal.  Also, te driveway up to where we stay is surrounded by trees and the colours are just incredible to look at.

What is autumn weather like where you live?
Chilly but sunny.  Sometimes quite rainy but I'm used to this since I live in the UK.

Most worn sweater? 
My oversized maroon jumper from New Look.

What book(s) are you reading this Autumn? 
 I've just finished Rachel's Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott.  It's an absolutely incredible and powerful read.  I'm going to start One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann bickley, which I've been wanting to read for quite a while so I'm excited to start reading it.
Football games or jumping in leaf piles? 
Jumping in leaf piles!  What's not to love about jumping in a pile of gorgeous coloured leaves?


Skinny jeans or leggings? 
Skinny jeans for sure.  I seem to spend more time trying to fix my leggings than feeling comfortable in them whenever I wear them!

Chelsea boots or Uggs? 
Chelsea boots for the win!

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? 
I honestly don't know, I'm yet to try it.

Favourite fall-related quote? 
Is Fall Out Boy an acceptable answer for this question?

What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
Clairvoyant by The Story So Far, at least this year it is anyway.  I'm also loving I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You by Neck Deep.   Another song that I have been listening too a lot is Twenty One Pilots cover of Can't Help Falling In Love, it's an incredible, haunting version of a classic song.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my answers for the sweater weather tag.  I tag Izzy K, xImmortalMindsxProfessional Daydreamer, and anyone else who loves Autumn as much as I do. 

Let me know in the comments what you're favourite things are about Autumn, I'd love to hear why you love this season.


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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Becoming Your Own Hero | Part 6: Choosing Happiness
To be completely honest with you all I've started writing this with no idea as to where it's going.  It's been so long since I just sat here and typed away to you all, I've missed it dearly.  But now that I'm attempting to get back into blogging, I'm having a seriously bad case of bloggers block.
Over the past few months I've had a lot going on.  I got my first full time job (which is the main reason why I've been very absent from the blogging world for just over two months!), I moved out to live with strangers, but these said strangers are now my closest friends, and I'm living in and adjusting to a completely new environment.
My self confidence has been on a horribly hectic rollercoaster.  The majority of the time it's not been in a good place but, I do have moments where my self confidence is starting to get better.  I think this is due to me feeling a lot happier with where my life is just now.  Although I'm currently not feeling all that good.  But I'm trying not to dwell on this.
I'm trying more to focus on the blessings I have in my life.  As someone with a pessimistic mind-set, you can probably imagine that this is extremely difficult for me.

Happiness is a huge factor in self confidence and I guess this is a big reason as to why I'm struggling with self confidence so much.  I let the littlest of things get me down, and I definitely take almost everything personally.  I focus on the negatives in my life rather than all the great things God's blessed me with, but I've decided I need to try and flip this around.
Life is a gift and to be completely honest, I wasted the majority of my teenage years being selfish, jealous, and feeling sorry for myself.  I don't like that I used to be like that and that I sometimes still am, I hate myself for it.  I don't want to waste anymore of my life moping around.  Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong in feeling these emotions because I believe that God wouldn't have given us these emotions if he didn't want us to feel them. But I'm so, so tired.

I'm tired of allowing my happiness be supressed by other peoples opinions of me, what clothes I own/wear, my weight, my voice, how easily I laugh, my height, my relationship status, what other people have that I don't, whether my hair is doing what I want it too or not, how many views my blog posts are getting, the way I look in general, my skin, and so many other things.

I let one small thing affect my day to day happiness in such huge ways that I end up wasting entire days, or even weeks, feeling down and sorry for myself.  I'm starting to get really fed up with myself for feeling this way.

Choosing happiness is not easy.  It's not something that can be done 24 hours a day.  And it can't be done 7 days a week either.

Happiness is a result of self confidence and vice versa. 
I need to start appreciating the things in my life that make me happy, to stop feeling guilty or embarrassed when I am happy, and realising that it's also okay to feel down from time to time.

But most of all I need to start choosing happiness.  Because I feel that if I'm able to choose happiness, then in time I'll be able to start gradually choosing to feel confident in myself as well.

This post is part of my Becoming Your Own Hero series, you can read all the posts in this series so far by clicking here.

Let me know in the comments some of the things you do to choose happiness, I'd love to get some ideas!


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