Monday, 30 June 2014

My June Playlist 2014

Hi everyone!

This months playlist is a lot longer than they usually are, due to the fact I needed a good playlist for the 2 hour train journey I had recently, as well as two very long car journeys.

So here it is, my Playlist for the past month. As usual there s a lot of All Time Low but this playlist also includes a few artists (such as We The Kings) that I've only just started listening too.  So I hope you enjoy the variation:

We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet

My Chemical Romance - The Light Behind Your Eyes

Patty Walters - Teenage Dirtbag (Wheatus Cover)

Marianas Trench - No Place Like Home

All Time Low - Keep The Change You Filthy Animal

Panic! At The Disco - This Is Gospel (Piano Version) (How is it possible for a song to be this beautiful?)

We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing

Fall Out Boy - Miss Missing You

All Time Low - Coffee Shop Soundtrack

We The Kings - That Feeling

Ed Sheeran - Bloodstream

Patrick Stump - Spotlight (Oh, Nostalgia)

Tonight Alive - The Edge (Acoustic)

Of Mice & Men - Identity Disorder

Marianas Trench - So Soon

Ed Sheeran - I'm A Mess

We The Kings ft. Elena Coats - Sad Song

A Day To Remember - All Signs Point to Lauderdale (The first song I heard by them and now I really want to listen to more of their music)

Carrie Hope Fletcher - The Way We Were

Of Mice & Men - Bones Exposed

Dodie Clark - Adored By Him

Patty Walters - Low (Sleeping With Sirens Cover)
Tom Law - All Of Me (John Legend Cover)

We The Kings - Phoenix Hearts

A Day To Remember - All I Want

All Time Low - Poison

Marianas Trench - B Team

Tom Law - Never Met You

We The Kings - Queen Of Hearts
Firstly I want to talk about a band called We The Kings. 
Why have I only just listened to them? Seriously, how have I only just bothered to properly listen to them?  I had heard of them a few times but never actually given them a listen until now and I really wish I'd discovered their music earlier. 
I'm so glad I finally decided to properly listen to them because I'm really enjoying the songs that I've listened to so far.  I especially love their most recent album 'Somewhere Somehow'.

Secondly, as I have done multiple times on my blog, I want to have a little rave about how much I love Marianas Trench.  I decided to have a relisten to their entire Ever After album (which someone has very kindly posted to YouTube) and I fell in love with it all over again (surprise, surprise). 
This time around I became quite obsessed with the songs So Soon and B Team.  Obsessed to the point where I ended up playing them on repeat for hours on end, but don't worry I'm not at that 'I've played this so often that I'm fed up with it' stage just yet! 

I'd also like to talk a little bit about Patty Walters (although I think I've talked about him in a previous blog post as well). 
I discovered Patty's YouTube channel quite a while ago and since then it has grown a lot and he has improved a lot as a musician.  I love watching his vlogs, as well listening to his covers, and would definitely recommend checking him out if you haven't already.

I'd also like to quickly highlight Tom Law.  I'd listened to some of his previous covers and already liked the original of this song (All Of Me by John Legend) but this cover is really incredible.  There's just something about it which I really love and I think it's the simplicity.  It's just Tom singing with his guitar and he's just made this so beautiful, you can feel the emotion that is meant to be in this song and I would highly recommend giving it a listen.
I also love his original song 'Never Met You' it's different from what I normally listen too (although his music does remind me a little of Ed Sheeran and we all know how much love I have for that certain ginger and his music) and I really like it and I'm quite excited as I think his EP is on sale very soon.

I have just realised how long this playlist is!  Sorry it's so long, I probably won't have enough songs left to include in my July playlist!
As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased All Time Low's album 'Nothing Personal' (which I am loving) so be expecting a blog post about that album soon.
I am also hoping to get hold of Ed Sheeran's new album 'X' and if I am able too then I will obviously discuss the album with all of you.

Sadly, blogger still isn't working on my computer so I'm unsure as to when I'll be able to post again but hopefully it will be soon.


Friday, 6 June 2014

Album Dissection: All Time Low 'So Wrong, It's Right'

Hello everyone!
I'm back from exams!  All my exams are finished so now I'm back to regular blog posts which makes me happy because I've missed sitting here at my keyboard and talking/typing to you all.
I hope that for everyone that had exams, or for those of you who still have them, that they went well and that you get the results that you want.
So lets get on with this post then, shall we?
As Promised when I first got this, I thought it would be nice to have a more in depth look into All Time Low's album 'So Wrong, It's Right'.  I've decided I want to call it an album dissection as there are a few tracks in particular (now that I've properly listened to the full album) that I just really want to talk about with you all, although I will be talking about them all.

All Time Low

So Wrong, It's Right

Hopeless Records

2007 (Yes I know, I'm pretty late to the game with this one)

Track list:
1.  This Is How We Do
2.  Let It Roll
3.  Six Feet Under The Stars
4.  Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)
5.  The Beach
6.  Dear Maria, Count Me In
7.  Shameless
8.  Remembering Sunday
9.  Vegas
10.  Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)
11.  Come One, Come All
12.  Poppin' Champagne

My Dissection (Track by track):

'This Is How We Do'

So the first track on the album is 'This Is How We Do'.
I think it's a brilliant song in terms of an album opener, it's upbeat and has a really good bass line which I can't help but love.  I'm not the biggest fan of some of the lyrics and it's a bit short, but I quite like it.

'Let It Roll'

I really like this song.  It's brilliant if you just need something to jump around to and forget about all the rubbish in your life, it's a pretty good motivator to actually get up and do something as well.
Although, like with 'This Is How We Do' I'm not the biggest fan of some lyrics but at the same time I really like some of the lyrics.

'Six Feet Under The Stars'

The first version I heard of this song was the live version from All Time Low's 'Straight To DVD'.  The live version made me love this song, so when I heard the studio version I was a bit worried, what if I was disappointed with it compared to the live version? 
Luckily, All Time Low didn't disappoint because I love the studio version just as much as the live version, I can't help but dance around when I hear this song I just love it so much.

'Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)'

If I'm honest the lyrics aren't my favourite (I seem to be saying this too much in this post?) but the dynamics of this song made me fall in love with it.  The song starts through a fade which I quite like as I think it has a nice effect for this song (but I hate it when songs end like this, it's one of my pet peeves).
The percussion in this song is brilliant, Rian Dawson I salute you.

The Beach

Although I personally don't like the beach very much (I get fed up finding sand everywhere days after I've actually been to the beach) I really love this song.
There's just something about this song that I really like, it makes me smile but I don't feel like I've listened to it as much as I should have since I got this album.
I'm making a mental note to listen to this song more often so I can learn to fully appreciate it.

Dear Maria, Count Me In

This song!! Whenever I hear someone cough all I hear now in my head is Alex Gaskarth singing
"I've got your picture, I'm coming with you..."
This was actually one of the first All Time Low songs that I heard and I'm glad I did because I don't know if I'd be listening to them as much as I do now if I hadn't heard this song.
I love this song and I rock out in my head when I hear it.


Like quite a few of the songs on this album already, love the song but I'm not so sure about some of the lyrics.
The dynamics are brilliant and I particularly like the layout of the verses and choruses because it's not the typical layout of a song, I think that's what changed my mind from not really liking this song that much to then listening to it quite often because I'm starting to like it now.

Remembering Sunday

I had previously heard this song a long time ago but every time I listen to it I notice something new.  I really love this song, it's simple but beautiful and whenever I listen to it I like to give my full, undivided attention to the music so I can fully appreciate how beautiful this song is.
It's different from any other song on the album as it's a lot slower and is mostly vocals and an acoustic guitar and it's just a remarkably beautiful song.


I really like this song but I need to listen to it more.  I've listened to some of the other songs from the album more often than this song but I think  definitely need to listen to this song just as much.
Relistening to this song right now as I type this has made me realise how good this song, both lyrically and instrumentally it is really amazing.

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)

This song is one of the main reasons why I got this album.  When I was in HMV there were a lot of albums that I saw which I wanted to buy so that I could have my own copy.  This song is what finally made me decide to get this album over all the other albums I found that day and I don't regret it.
This is such a beautiful song and for me, personally, it's the lyrics that make this song (don't get me wrong the vocals and instrumentals are amazing as well and obviously make the song as amazing as it is).  I just have a heap load of love for this song.

Come One, Come All

If I'm honest my mind changes constantly about this song.  The dynamics are amazing, from the amazing drums to the really good vocals but if I'm honest some of the lyrics just confuse me a bit (If anyone knows the meaning behind this song, please share it with me?).  But otherwise I really like this song.

Poppin' Champagne

Like 'Six Feet Under The Stars' the first version I heard of this song was the live version from 'Straight To DVD' which I really, really loved.  Again with this song I was a little worried that I wouldn't like the studio version but I love it.  I really, really love it.
This song just makes me really happy and I love every part of it; the lyrics, the dynamics, everything!
The only thing that I don't like about this song is that it ends on a fade. Why does it have to end on a fade? One of my pet peeves is when songs end on a fade as I like to know how it ends (although luckily we're provided with an ending in the live version for this song).

Overall, I really like this album, including the album art which I really love.  But I'm not the biggest fan of some of the lyrics, so it's not one of my favourite All Time Low albums but I still like it quite a bit.
Although there are some songs that weren't particularly my cup of tea, I've grown to really enjoy listening to these songs, both separately and as an album, and with each listen I've noticed something new that I like, which is one of my favourite things about any song.

Side note
I am going to start posting my monthly playlists at the end of the month instead of the beginning, it just makes more sense really.  So for those of you wondering where my June playlist is, you'll be getting it but not till the end of the month.

Also if you enjoyed this post then please do let me know in the comments and I may do these album dissections more often, particularly as I'm currently listening to my very own copy of All Time Low's album 'Nothing Personal' which excites me a lot and I would love to talk to you all about it if you would like me to do that.