Monday, 24 February 2014

Happy Birthday To Me (Soon!)

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So this week is my birthday! I am very excited but also a little nervous as I will be learning to drive.  I had a conversation with one of my youth group leaders and when she found out I was going to be 17, she got extremely excited. She told me how when she was 17 it was the best year of her life.
This took me aback a little, I'm scared about turning 17 because I feel like it's the sort of in-between age where you're not really a child but you're not really an adult yet either.

Seeing how exciting my youth leader was has made me feel a little bit more positive and I've decided that I'm going to make 17 a year I can look back on with the same enthusiasm that she did. I don't how I'm going to do this but I've got a few little ideas that I thought I would share with you all (and you could maybe tell me how awful they are and then give me some good ideas?):

1. Have a more positive outlook

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know that I'm not the most positive of people. To be completely honest I'm just a full on pesimist. One of my new years resolutions was to be more positive about life and so far I'm not very good at it but I'm hoping that it's something I'll be able to get better at with a lot of work. I need to stop worrying and just enjoy myself.

2. Do one thing for myself each day

This was something that my senior coaching teacher asked me to do during one of our sessions. Whether it's just listening to music, watching some TV, reading a book or catching up on my favourite YouTube subscriptions, I want to do something for me each day. I'm hoping that this will help to keep me motivated when doing the things I don't enjoy but also just help me enjoy life a bit more in general.

3. Spend more time with my friends

I am one of those people who spends a lot of time by myself. I like to listen to music, read, write and blog. By myself. I like spending time by myself and these are all things I enjoy doing but I feel like they aren't really things that I can do with other people (except maybe listen to music).
I am not a sociable person and I think I need to change this. I get really awkward in some situations and I think the only way to overcome this is just to dive straight into the deep end. I have a small group of friends at school and I really think that I need to start making more of an effort to spend time with them outside of school.

These are just some of the ideas that I had and I'm not sure if all of them will help make this a good year for me or not. I'm just hoping that they're things that will help me in the long run as well as for my 17th year on our weird planet.


Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Pierce The Veil Purchase

Last weekend I stayed with some family in Aberdeen as it's my school half term holidays and I hadn't seen my sister in a while. We had a good time wandering around the shops, going to the cinema and warming up in Starbucks.

Most of the time when I go to HMV I never find what I'm looking for, even though it's my favourite shop.  They either don't have the artists that I'm looking for or if they do it's albums that I already have.

So as you can probably guess, I was happily surprised when I found a Pierce The Veil album, an All Time Low album, a Fall Out Boy Album, an Of Mice & Men album and a Tonight Alive album all under the one roof, and none of them are albums that I already own and they're all albums that I really want.  I was extremely close to embarrassing my family by squealing with delight when I found them all.
Although this made me extremely happy it also annoyed me because I only had enough money to buy one.  Which left me with a very difficult decision.
But in case you didn't figure it out from the title of this post, I got Pierce The Veil's Collide With The Sky album and This Is A Wasteland DVD.

So instead of having a playlist for this month I've just decided to basically make Collide With The Sky my album for the month, I love it so much. 
I already knew a few of the songs from the album but one of my favourite things about getting a new CD is discovering the songs that I've never heard before.  I've not been a fan of Pierce The Veil for very long but I'm really starting to love their music and watching the This Is A Wasteland DVD was really fun.

I don't want to say that I have any 'favourite' tracks from the album because if I'm honest Collide With The Sky is one of those rare albums where I can say that I enjoy listening to all the songs. But if I had to choose a favourite from the songs I hadn't heard before I got the album then I'd have to say Props & Mayhem or, The First Punch or, One Hundred Sleepless Nights or, Stained Glass Eyes and Colourful Tears (basically you get my point when I say I can't choose a favourite because these are all the songs I hadn't heard before I got the album).

I would definitely recommend giving this album a listen too, whether you're a PTV fan or not. And whether you like this genre of music or not, because it really is a beautifully well thought through album and that's obvious when you listen too it.  I love this album and I know that it's an album which means a lot to many people, me included.